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Named Entity Dictionary

Get to utilize Named Entity Dictionary
This menu can only be used in NER projects

Named Entity Dictionary

If you access your NER project account, you will find an additional menu called Naned Entity Dictionary in the GNB.
GNB > Named Entities Dictionary [only NER project]
You can
  • Add/modify/delete words/phrases that would be good to be extracted as named entities.
  • Check the [Named Entity - Word] pairs inferred from the test data by model [type : INFERENCE]
  • Check the [Named Entity - Word] pairs inferred from the training data by model [type : TRAIN]


We provide filters of the following two criteria :
  • By Named Entity
  • By Type
    • TRAIN
    • UPLOAD
Types meaning
  • TRAIN - Extracted from training data
  • INFERENCE - Extracted from test data by model
  • UPLOAD - Uploaded and registered by the user