Get to understand the NLU APIs provided by Allganize.

Allganize provides APIs of Named Entity Recognition, Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis, and Review Analysis for each dashboard.

NER (Named Entity Recognition) API

Named Entity Recognition(NER) extracts meaningful keywords (entities), such as people, organizations, locations, and other specific types of entities from text in natural language.

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Review Analysis API

The Review Analysis API converts users' natural language review data into measurable metrics such as product attributes and scores for each attribute. It allows brand owners or product sellers to understand how their customers feel without having to read every review individually.

Text Classification API

The Text Classification API identifies the user's intent and classifies text data into specific categories such as shipping, service inquiry, complaints, etc.

Sentiment Analysis API

The Sentiment Analysis API classifies customer feedback text into positive and negative sentiments to gain customer support insights.

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