💡What You Can Do

Get overview of what you can do using NLU API dashboard.

Allganize's API dashboard provides multiple features for Named Entity Recognition, Text Classification, Sentiment Analysis, and Review Analysis projects.

Manage Data

Easily upload data for training and testing using API integration, file upload, or direct input. You can filter, find, and download uploaded data according to the conditions you want (duration, test/training data).

Train Model

You can train and evaluate models to achieve better performance based on your goals and domain.

Manage Model

You can deploy, edit/delete, and manage versions of the model you want.

Refer to the Performance Metric for each Model

Get Analyzed Result

You can get each NLU API's inference result by model.

Get Analytics

You can get basic analytics report to get insights about model usage & analyzed text.

Manage Project

You can set the project name and language, and if necessary, you can download and check activity logs performed on the project.

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