Get to know how to train NLU models using my data

Assumption : It is assumed that training and train data have already been uploaded to the dashboard

If there is no data uploaded to the dashboard yet, please refer to the two sections below.

1. Set data for training

Among the data uploaded to the dashboard, confirm or toggle on the data to be used for training.

Data for which Toggle is On in the Training column on the right is data for training..

See the section on how to set up your training/test data.

To check the performance of the model trained with data, test data must also be set. The setting method is the same as for learning. Just toggle on the data to be used for testing.

2. Start Training

If you have confirmed that the training data is set (toggle on), press the Train Model button at the top right of the dashboard.

Isn't it very simple? The model starts learning right away.

When the model starts training, the 'Train Model' button is diactivated and cannot be pressed again until training is complete.

Currently, there is no way to stop a model from learning as a function within the NLU Dashboard. So please proceed with caution.

When model learning is finished, a new version of the model is created at the top of the model list on the History menu page.

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