🚀Manage Model

Get to know how to manage your model

Through the History menu in GNB, you can manage your model.

Train Model

If you press the 'Train Model' button at top of the Dashboard page, the model version is updated through training data and a new one is created.

Create Model

Once a model training is done, you can check the created model along with the following information at the top of the model list on History page.

  • Model name

  • Number of training/test data samples

  • Performance Metrics (Precision, Recall, Accuracy, F1 score)

  • Created time

Deploy Model

If you confirmed that the model has the desired performance, it can be deployed by clicking the 'Deploy' button in the Actions column.

When the deployment is complete, the button is displayed as Deployed as its status.

Edit/Delete Model

You can edit or delete the model name through the Edit/Delete menu in the right column whenever you want.

Please be careful as once deleted models cannot be restored.

Check Performance

You can also check the model's performance from History page.

📈pagePerformance Metrics

You cannot start training another model on Dashboard before you finish applying the recently created model. If you want to train a new model, you can do so by deleting 'the recently created but not deployed' model.

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