How to manage AI Model
You can train your custom AI model and check the performance of it. You can also apply previous versions of the AI model to compare the performance and how your model is improving.

Training and Test Toggle

You can train your AI model by clicking on the Train Model button on the top right side of the dashboard. Please remember that only the data with the Training toggle is used for the training. If you add data manually or revise the data, the training button turns on automatically. When the Test button is on, the data is used as test data to measure the performance of the AI model. Measured performance can be found in the History menu on the left menu bar.

Managing AI Model Versions

Under the History menu, you can see, delete, and apply the previously trained models and the current one. Four different performance (Precision, Recall, Accuracy, F1) indicators show how the version performs. Once a model training is done, you can click 'Deploy' button here to apply the new model. You cannot start another model training before you apply or delete the new model.